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Voron Design 2.4r2 Printed Parts Kit

Voron 2.4r2 Printed Plastic Parts Kit USA Made!

Complete Voron 2.4r2 (revision 2) Functional Printed Parts Kit.
Printed with High Quality ASA filament – Exceeds ABS/ABS+ Specifications.
Print settings: 0.40 Nozzle, 0.20 Layer Height, 50% Grid Infill, 5 Perimeters, 5 Top Layers, 5 Bottom Layers (exceeds recommended settings).


Note: Kits contain only the printed plastic parts which make the printer functional.

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Voron Design 2.4r2 Kit (USA)
Voron Design 2.4r2 Kit (USA)
2.4r2 Functional Printed Parts Kit
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